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Prairie Creek Preserve

Prairie Creek Preserve Sunrise

The vast majority of this 1,603+ acre preserve is comprised of a mixture of upland habitats that have been well maintained by prescribed fires. The diverse array of habitat include scrub, scrubby flatwoods, palmetto prairies and pine flatwoods. There are also small areas of herbaceous marshes and improved pasture on the property. Prairie Creek traverses through the center of the property. The property provides habitat for several listed species of wildlife, including the Florida scrub-jay, gopher tortoises and eastern indigo snake.

Prairie Creek is a tributary of Shell Creek Reservoir, the source of drinking water for the City of Punta Gorda and parts of unincorporated Charlotte County. The Creeks provide 8,000,000 gallons of potable water per day to thousands of residents. The property also supports high-quality habitat for the Florida scrub-jay, gopher tortoise, and other rare species including State listed plants. Lands adjacent to and along Prairie Creek have been designated as areas of conservation interest by the Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program, the Southwest Florida Coastal Conservation Corridor Plan, and SWFWMD.

Prairie Creek Preserve
1900 Duncan Road, Punta Gorda, FL 33982
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