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GIS Layer Information

Below is a list of layers available on our mapping site and brief descriptions. Layers with the blue text and eye icon provide additional information by clicking on them. Charlotte County data has the following projection:

Stateplane Florida West - Zone 3626
Datum: NAD83
Units: Feet

  • Accounts - Property Appraiser's Property Identification Number
  • Active Excavations - Current excavation permits in Charlotte County
  • Addresses - Address information for each property.
  • Benchmarks - Survey Benchmark locations
  • Block Number - used to label platted blocks
  • Certificate of Elevation - Property with a Certificate of Elevation on file at the county.
  • Charlotte Enterprise Zone - Area to provide business incentives in Charlotte County
  • City of Punta Gorda Boundary - Boundary provided to the county from the city
  • Coastal Construction Control Line - State of Florida Coastal Construction Control Line for Building Construction
  • Commission Districts - Commission District Boundaries
  • Community Amenities - Day cares, Churches, Adult Living Facilities, Schools.
  • Contours - Contour information. Datum varies by location and date of completion
  • DOQQ Aerials - 1 meter pixel USGS digital ortho quarter quadrant color infrared aerial photographs.
  • Enterprise Charlotte Airport Park - created to enhance and promote economic development and provide for quality and consistency in development while still maintaining flexibility in the area surrounding the airport
  • Existing Land Use - Existing Land Use based on Property Appraiser Data
  • FBC2010 Wind Speeds - Current Florida Building Code Wind Zone Information.
  • Fire Hydrants - Fire Hydrant locations
  • Flood Zone Buffer for Flood Zones - Prior to 2003. A 100 foot buffer on both sides of a flood zone line. For accurate flood data in this area, refer to the official FIRM maps.
  • Flood Zones - Federal Emergency Management Agency Flood Zones data from Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM).
  • Future Land Use - Charlotte County's Future Land Use Designations
  • Impact Fee Zones - (Pre 9/2009) Building impact fee areas prior to Sept 2009
  • Impact Fee Zones - Tiered - Current building impact fee zones
  • Lot Number - Used to label platted and unplatted lot numbers and tracts
  • Lots - Plat and Parcel Boundaries
  • Major Roads - Major Roads
  • MSBU - Municipal Services Benefit Units (taxing districts)
  • Murdock Village Boundary - County Property acquired for Murdock Village boundary
  • Old FEMA Flood Zones - (Pre-5/5/2003) Historic FEMA Flood Zones
  • Parks - County park locations.
  • Petitions - Specials exceptions, variances and Development Review Committee petition locations.
  • Points of Interest - Libraries, Prisons/Jails, Airports, Boat Ramps, Fire/EMS Stations, Government Buildings, Refuge Sites, Sheriff Offices, Police Stations, Hospitals.
  • Polling Locations 2012 - Polling locations for the 2012 elections
  • Prior Year's Just Values - Just Value data obtained from Property Appraiser
  • Recreational Trails - sidewalk, Bike Routes and Kayak Trails
  • Road Classifications - Streets by Functional Road Classifications.
  • Road Maintenance Entity - Streets color coded by maintenance responsibility
  • Sea Turtle Lighting Zones - Area along the barrier islands with beach lighting restrictions
  • Sections - Section, Township, Range grid
  • Service Area Delineation - Urban Service Area boundary.
  • Spot Elevations - Spot elevation information. Datum varies, you must use contours to determine correct datum.
  • Storm Surge Evacuation Zones - Anticipated evacuation areas in preparation for hurricanes
  • Street Names - Street labels for the map
  • Streets - Street information.
  • Townships - Township grid
  • US 41 Overlay District - Zoning District
  • USGS Quads - USGS Quads.
  • Water - Location of surface water bodies.
  • Waterway Names - Used to label Waterways
  • Zoning - Zoning districts.

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