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How To Have A Successful Inspection

Here are some tips to help your inspection be successful!

Our inspectors are very busy with many different stops to make across the County every day. In order to ensure that all of our inspections for the day are completed, please follow the guidelines below to help your inspection go smoothly. Failed inspections may result in a $50 re-inspection fee.

  • Please make sure that the work to be inspected has been completed when you request the inspection. Our inspectors operate at 7 am and you may not have time to finish the job on the day of the inspection.
  • Please ensure the work to be inspected is open for inspection. Work covered up may result in a failed inspection and a $50 fee in addition to having to uncover the work for the re-inspection.
  • Please note that specific timed inspections are not typically available. However, to schedule an am or pm inspection for concrete only, please ensure you add a request comment when you schedule the inspection online or contact us at 941.743.1201 to add a comment for the inspectors.
  • If there are any special instructions for the inspector, please make sure they are also included in the request comments. This would include items such as any gate codes, alternative contact details and any other special circumstances about which the inspector should know.
  • Please make sure that your permit, job card and all construction documents are clearly available on the job site either in a permit box (preferable), or in a weatherproof bag located in a visible location.
  • If you are coordinating the inspection with a homeowner, please make sure that they will be available throughout the day scheduled for the inspection. If our inspector needs to meet with someone on the site (property manager etc.), please include a telephone number on the inspection request comments and we will make every effort to meet them onsite.
  • If there is a gated fence surrounding the property, please make sure the gates are unlocked or a gate code is provided for the inspector.
  • Please make sure that any dogs are secured – our inspectors may not come on the property if dogs are running loose.
    Make sure that the inspector has access to the items he needs to inspect. Furniture should be moved away from the applicable area and the inspector must be able to get close enough to perform a thorough inspection.

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