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Port Charlotte Beach Recreation Center

Project Description

Design a new recreation center that will serve the current needs of rental venue for events, as well as community facilities for sailing and regatta events. 

Project Location

4500 Harbor Blvd. Port Charlotte, Florida 33952.

Project Impacts





Latest Updates

We are initiating the Pre-application meeting for DRC and SFWMD in the coming weeks. They will also start working on the site design related to the area around the rec center. We are rescheduling our meeting to discuss the LOMR for the Port Charlotte Beach pool house location due to hurricane Idalia meeting cancelation.


Phase Cost
Design $1,200,000
Construction $8,100,000
Other Costs $700,000
Total Budget $10,000,000


Phase Estimated Start Date Forecast Completion Actual Completion
Planning and Approval 06/22/2020 11/24/2020 12/20/2020
Design Development 02/14/2022 11/18/2024
Construction 01/24/2025 01/30/2026
Turnover & Closeout 02/27/2026 03/27/2026
Port Charlotte Beach Recreation Center Project Image

Project Phase
Design Development

Last Updated

Project Manager
Pedro Agosto

Public Relations
Brian Gleason
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Sponsor Department
Community Services

Design Engineer/Architect
Sweet Sparkman

Construction Contractor
Tandem Construction

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