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Community Gardens

Community gardens provide affordable access to healthy food and create a strong sense of community. Gardening can improve nutrition, physical activity, encourage community engagement, and economic prosperity for its residents in our neighborhood.


Community gardens provide an affordable opportunity for all residents to grow their own fruit and vegetables which support healthy eating habits
Physical Activity
Gardening is a recommended form of moderate physical activity that encourages an active lifestyle, while providing all ages the opportunity to exercise through bending, walking, digging, etc.
Property Values & Tax Revenue
Community parks and green spaces encourage higher property value to neighborhoods by creating more attractive places for people to walk and enjoy the outdoors.
Community Services
Community gardens can be integrated into educational after-school programs for children, activities for the elderly, and a resource for food banks and homeless shelters.
Community Pride & Ownership
The Community Garden gives all ages a safe place to interact with their peers, while involving them in beneficial developmental activities.
Work Alongside UF/IFAS Extension
Community gardeners also have the opportunity to work along-side Master Gardeners and University of Florida Extension Services to further educate themselves on proper gardening practices. The University of Florida Extension Services assists with troubleshooting any issues gardeners may have with their plants, soil, bugs, etc. They also provide an extensive range of educational material to the public.

Community Garden Locations

Ann & Chuck Dever Regional Park

Ann & Chuck Dever Regional Park Community Garden

This garden is currently closed due to Hurricane Ian. 

Centennial Park

Centennial Park Community Garden

Available garden beds:

  • 1/2 plots for $10 per year
  • Full plots' for $20 per year

South County Regional Park

South County Regional Park Community Garden

The South County Regional Park Community Garden is a collaborative project between Charlotte County Community Services, Team Punta Gorda, and the recreation staff.

This program enriches the lives of our local neighbors through a community garden, while creating an environment that promotes prosperity for all ages in our community. The SCRP recreation staff along with Charlotte County Community Services collaborated with Team Punta Gorda, which is a local gardening club, to help form and physically build the SCRP Community Garden.

Available garden beds:

  • 3.5' x 10' for $10 per year
  • 3.5' x 20' for $20 per year

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