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Code Compliance Process

The mission of the Code Compliance section is to seek compliance with those sections of the Charlotte County Code of Laws & Ordinances assigned to it. The most preferred method is voluntary compliance and efforts are are focused in that direction. The section has the ability to issue citations and present violation cases to the Code Enforcement Special Magistrate (CESM). The CESM hears cases in a “quasi-judicial” proceeding and determines if a violation exists. The CESM can also assess fines and order liens to be placed based on the these determinations.

Code Compliance deals with all aspects of residential and commercial zoning compliance as well as the adopted International Property Maintenance Code and certain permitting aspects of the Florida Building Code. Most of our work is derived from violations on private property. Some zoning ordinance issues addressed are: junk-like conditions, abandoned motor vehicles, abandoned water craft, tall grass, setback requirements, permitting requirements, fence inspections, landscape inspections (commercial and residential), sign inspections, commercial changes of occupancy, verification of home occupations, and much more.

Code Compliance must adhere to Florida Statutes which require “due process.” Time delays occur while certified mail is being delivered or, in the event of an “absent” property owner, properties are posted with a notice of a CESM hearing. During these delays, it is possible that nothing will occur at the location of the violation. It may appear that Code Compliance is taking no action and that would not be the case. Code Compliance minimizes this perception by staying in touch with the complainant whenever requested and keeping the office staff current on the progress of cases. Feel free to call the office or use our website to check the status of an existing code compliance case.

Due to Florida legislative changes in 2021, a code inspector may not initiate an investigation of a potential code violation based on an anonymous complaint. The only exceptions are if a violation pertains to an imminent threat to public health, safety, or welfare or imminent destruction of habitat or sensitive resources. If your complaint pertains to one of these categories, and you want to file anonymously, call 941.743.1201.

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