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Sheriff Administration and Hardened 911 Facility

Project Description

Design and construct a modern law enforcement administrative headquarters for Charlotte County Sheriff's Office on land owned by the County. Sufficient land has been reserved on site next to CCSO District 3 Headquarters and Impound/Evidence/Forensics Facility to create a law enforcement services campus.

Project Location

Loveland Blvd

Latest Updates

Site work is underway. This includes retention pond extension, building pads, and crane roads.


Phase Cost
Design $1,689,200.00
Construction $37,365,655.00
Total Budget $45,000,000.00


Phase Estimated Start Date Forecast Completion Actual Completion
Design Development 02/15/2022 07/12/2023
Construction 05/03/2024 02/01/2026
Sheriff Administration and Hardened 911 Facility Project Image

Project Phase
Planning and Project Approval

Last Updated

Project Manager
Justin Dunn

Public Relations
Brian Gleason
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Project Number

Sponsor Department

Design Engineer/Architect
Schenkel Shultz

Construction Contractor
Wharton Smith

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